Not Just Coaching

Always light-minded, never as planned

First of all, you need to let go of ‘coaching’ as you know it. AEC might feel a little unconventional, and we promise that it is indeed different from anything you experienced before.

If you prefer working with a fixed daily schedule and/or have a clear outcome in mind, AEC probably isn’t for you. No hard feelings.

But if you are interested in a light-minded journey that creates in-depth awareness and understanding, it could be a match.

AEC will guide you to make a real impact in life and work. Not by developing, but by discovering. And this could only come naturally. 

You could call it counselling, guidance, mentoring or pathfinding, but most of all, AEC could be your chaperone.

AEC helps people find the connection within themselves and to others. Making processes and issues clear by simply bringing them to the heart of the matter.